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Founded in 1984, Arienne is Southwest Michigan's oldest business technology solutions firm. Our longevity in the rapidly changing world of tech means you can count on us when you need us.

Commitment, character and community are at the center of our business. These principals drive us to deliver an exceptional customer experience and are integral in our goal to build lasting partnerships.



‘We have worked with Arienne for almost ten years.  During that time, they have made sure that our computer systems (software/hardware) are up to date and that our data is secure and accessible.  They transitioned our outdated land line phone system to VOIP.  And they have ensured that we are always "up and running".’

                                                 -Martha Reid



From Office 365 to custom SharePoint applications, Arienne partners with Microsoft to bring you best-in-class solutions to fit your organization's needs.

Break free with an IP-based PBX. Join the revolution of businesses that have saved thousands on their phone bills while taking telephony to the next level.

‘We receive expert advice and dependable support for our IT needs.’​

                                 - Beck & Chapman, P.C.

Datto is the leader in cloud-based backup & disaster recovery. Arienne helps our clients leverage this technology for true business continuity.

VMware is the industry leader in virtualization technology. Arienne can help you leverage VMware to increase performance and save money.



Remember the phone book? Well, back in 1984, it was the best way to get noticed and we wanted our IT firm to be the first in the listings, so we had to choose a name that started with "A".

Our founder has a passion for everything "space travel" related and followed closely the French "Ariane" rocket program. Arienne is a variation on that name, and like the French rocket family is still reliable and running to this day! Read more about the "Ariane" rockets here.

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